Current Project

Community Data Curation Competency: Curriculum Development for Master’s Education (2022-2024), funded by IMLS (LB21) #RE-252380-OLS-22 ($$128,402), Co-PI Ayoung Yoon, PI: Angela Murillo

In this planning project, we will enhance the training of library and information science (LIS) professionals by creating a community data curation curriculum program that builds LIS expertise and contributes to community well-being. The project team will evaluate, update, and disseminate the Community Data Curation Pilot Curriculum to train future LIS professionals through strategic partnerships with community organizations, data curation educators, and data curation practitioners. This work will extend the current understanding of data curation competencies to the context of community data; engage strategic stakeholders (educators, practitioners, and community organizations) in the process of curriculum design to reflect their specific needs; and design a data curation pilot curriculum to fill the current gap in data curation education to include community data curation competencies. (full proposal)

Building Public Libraries’ Capacity for Open Data Services: Models and Implementation (2021-2024), funded by IMLS (NL) #LG-250098-OLS-21 ($349,498), Co-PI: Ayoung Yoon, PI: Andrea Copeland

This project aims to validate and implement a theoretical model for developing public library services relevant to open data, which were developed from previous IMLS funded project (LG-96-17-0184-17). The project team will partner with 4 public libraries to validate the service model focusing on 4 areas: 1) promoting open data access, 2) providing data literacy instructions for public, 3) developing library programing from open data, and 4) developing internal data capacity for future service development.

Past project

our-thoughtsData Reuse for Local Community (2017-2021, funded by IMLS (NL) #LG-96-17-0184-17 ($355,816), PI: Ayoung Yoon, Co-PI: Andrea Copeland)

This project aims to support community members’ data reuse by connecting them with existing resources and data infrastructure. The team will explore the practices of community data reusers, with the aim to offer insights into developing and adapting public-library services to meet community data reusers’ needs.

 Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.56.13 AM.pngData reuse and reusers’ trust (2015-present, PI: Ayoung Yoon)

Built upon the doctoral dissertation research that explored data reusers’ trust development process, this project aims to validate the trust model and reusers’ trust attributes in a larger context

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAPpAAAAJGNiM2NkYjE4LTZlYjQtNGU4YS1iYTIxLTllYTllMDc3Y2MzMwLibrary Capacity Assessment and Development for Big Data Curation (2017-2019, funded by IMLS (NL) #LG-72-17-0139-17 ($49,773), PI: Ayoung Yoon, Co-PI: Devon Donaldson)

This project aims to develop a conceptual framework for assessing libraries’ capacity for big data curation. These outputs will provide informative sources for academic and public libraries that are interested in planning curation programs.

qm-rubric-icon-300px-hi-res Towards Quality: A Project to Systematically Develop Quality Matters Skills and Capacities for an Online Department (2018-2019, funded by IUPUI Curriculum Enhancement Grant, Co-PI: Ayoung Yoon with PI: Kyle Jones, Co-PI: Angela Murrillo)

This project aims to develop Quality Matters competencies and peer-training artifacts to help design and evaluate online courses.  The purpose of this request for funding is twofold: first, the team needs support to develop the three foundational, online courses; and, two, the team will use this opportunity to develop competencies in the use of Quality Matters to develop and evaluate online courses.


Data Sharing and Reuse in Developing Countries (2017-2019, partially funded by Alfred P. Sloan Foundation #G-2014-13746, through RDA/US Data share grant, Co-PI: Ayoung Yoon)

This study aims to contribute to the recently emerging discussions on data sharing and reuse in developing countries with a focus on the case of Uganda.

  • Collaborators
    • Tomusange Isaac (Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, Muteesa Royal University, Uganda)
    • Norman Mukasa (PhD, Senior Lecturer, Muteesa Royal University, Uganda)

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.42.45 AM.png

Virtual Bethel: Underrepresented History and Primary Source Education through Virtual Reality (2016-2019, funded by Indiana University’s New Frontiers in the Arts & Humanities Program, ($49,773), funding year 2017-2018;  PI: Ayoung Yoon, Co-PIs: Andrea Copeland, Owen J. Dwyer, III, Zebulun Wood and Albert William)

* This project is a part of Bethel Preservation project, led by Andrea Copeland. Read more about the project: “The Bethel AME Church Archive: Partners and Participants

The Virtual Bethel project aims to build a 3D virtual space of the physical church building to preserve the cultural heritage. The 3D Virtual Bethel will be used as a learning space for undergraduate students’ history and primary source education, as users can interact with various types of primary sources (e.g., photographs, videos, audios, and text) to learn about the underrepresented history of African Americans associated with the church.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.50.17 AMData sharing and reuse for community development and decision-making (2016-2017, partially funded by Alfred P. Sloan Foundation #G-2014-13746, through RDA/US Data share grant, PI: Ayoung Yoon)

This project aims to examine how community researchers share and reuse data for community development and decision-making.

  • Project partner
    • Community Research Institute at Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW)

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.45.06 AM.png

Data Curation for Community Science (2016-2017, PI: Ayoung Yoon, Co-PIs: Lydia Spotts, Andrea Copeland): This is a sub study under CHIME project, CHIME: Citizen-data Harvest in Motion Everywhere (2016-present, Co-PI: Ayoung Yoon, Project PI: Andrea Copeland)

This study aims to investigate data curation concerns identified in community science project through CHIME pilot study, and build a curation model that addresses these concerns.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.53.42 AM.pngBuilding Capacity for Inclusiveness through Connections with Community Archives (2016-2017, funded by IUPUI Arts and Humanities Internal Grant (IAHI), ($4903), PI: Ayoung Yoon, Co-PI: Andrea Copeland)

The overall objective of this project is to explore how bridges can be constructed between existing cultural institutions (libraries, archives and museums) and community archives (or community groups wanting to develop archives) as well as the role of third parties in bridging these groups.

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